Shipping and Returns

Our products shipping on average take an estimated 3-4 weeks. Order processing requires two days.

Our company works on a 100% refund policy. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can get a complete refund. You need to send an email to our customer service at  We are more than happy to facilitate you.

Our customer service is a highly competent team of individuals who work diligently to find solutions to all of your problems. You can email us at It is better to connect than leaving a bad review.


Our principal purpose is to provide our customers with the best quality and optimally utilized home cleaning and gardening products.

We have our main office in North Texas for independent contractors. We started with a small office two years ago and gradually building up our staff and customer services. We are learning to grow and expand with each passing day.

Product Related

Microfiber towels are a lot more delicate in washing than others are. Machines use both cold and warm water to wash them. However, using hot water to wash microfiber is not recommended. The detergent used for washing should be with no scent and laundry additives. A small amount of detergent, usually one or two teaspoons, is more than sufficient for this purpose.

Unfortunately, we do not provide replacement keys. Only two keys with the products are part of the order. However, you can purchase a universal barrel key on Amazon.

The simplest way to do this is to place the rubber band over the screw head and pushing the drill or screwdriver into the rubber band while removing the screw. The rubber band helps to fill the gap in the screw’s head and grips the drill bit or screwdriver blade.

Can we get a refund on broken products?

Despite having a refund policy, we do not offer a refund for damaged or broken products.

Are your products good in quality?

Yes, we assure to provide our customers with the best quality products and never compromise on it. Therefore, all of our products are high grade in quality.

Yes, a guided instructions manual will be there with the products that need assembling and guidelines. However, it will not be with other cleaning tools, which are common in nature.

Yes, our privacy policy works when we collect data from our clients and potential buyers for the newsletter and other products. We ensure you keep your data safe.